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Mini E


The OLYMPIA Mini E is the ideal solution for resurfacing smaller rink facilities without sacrificing power and performance. It offers both clean and clean ice while remaining economical and compact.

The Mini E has the same full features of all OLYMPIA Millennium models. It is driven by the same “true” four-wheel drive system as its bigger brother, the OLYMPIA Millennium E—the world’s most advanced electric-powered ice resurfacer. The Mini is half the size and weight and retains the same robust performance capabilities of its bigger brother.

Each time you resurface, the OLYMPIA Mini E saves time, money and the environment. It is the ultimate ice resurfacer for smaller rinks.


  • Front dump only

  • AC electric motors on all 4 wheels

  • Aluminum alloy wheels

  • Safety seat with 8-second delay shut off

  • Aluminum water tanks

  • Board brush

  • Automatic snow breaker

  • Automatic towel lift

  • Replaceable conditioner runners

  • Front & rear guide wheels

  • Full instrumentation

  • Complete light package

  • Electric brakes

  • Reversible auger system

  • Adjustable traction control

  • Power steering

  • 2-year warranty

  • 300 AH batteries 

  • Wash water system

  • Stainless-steel water tanks

  • Tire wash

  • Water fill with auto shutoff


Snow bin capacity43.5 cu ft1.23 cbm

Ice-making water capacity52.5/63 imp/US gal238 l

Wash water tank capacity29.1/35 imp/US132 l

Hydraulic oil tank6.61/7.94 imp/US gal30.08 l

Blade length68 in172.72 cm

Conditioner Width71 in180.34 cm

Height snow bin closed81.5 in207.01 cm

Height snow bin open121 in307.34 cm

Length snow bin closed127.5 in323.85 cm

Length snow dump open187 in474.98 cm

Wheel base57.5 in146.05 cm

Tread width50.5 in128.27 cm

Turning radius128 in325.12 cm

Net weight5798 lbs2630 kg

Gross weight6322.8 lbs2868 kg

Operating voltage48 V

Total driving and operating power13.9 kW

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