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The Ground Hog Arena Tool was designed in 1996 by our founder Raymond Lucas, who was an avid arena owner himself and was not satisfied with the arena grooming tools available on the market at that time. Raymond desired to have one tool that could groom the arena ground in one pass and produce the same consistent result, safely and flawlessly,  every time.


The Ground Hog Arena Tool enables arena owners and crews to not only rework the surface with the unit's hydraulically operated ripper shanks, but also f ill in those holes made by performance horses and livestock. This is accomplished by the unit's double grader blades and pegged finishing roller to compact and finish the ground safely for the horse and rider.


Multiple Uses - Not just limited to rodeo arenas, the Ground Hog Arena Tool can also be used to drag winter-time feeding ruts in pastures, rework gravel on driveways, or used for landscaping purposes.


The Lucas Ground Hog is available in seven versatile sizes and four eye-catching colors. The Ground Hog Arena Tool is nationally recognized and preferred as the arena drag tool of choice at various major arena events all across North America. Horses love it, riders trust it! One pass, one tool, one result equals one flawlessly conditioned ground, every time.

Maintain. Control. Prevent. The Ground Hog Watering System was developed to maintain the moisture content in the arena during the event, thus providing consistent ground throughout the entire event. This eliminates the unfair advantage of the ground becoming faster or slower for those who draw up later in the event.


The Watering System comes standard with two SS-gallon tanks that are operated by two 12-volt water pumps that distribute the water evenly from six spray nozzles. The unit is controlled by a dual-lever switch box that can be turned on and off from the convenience of the seat of the operator's tractor.


The unit is now available to be mounted on 7', 8', 9', 10' & 12' Ground Hog Arena Tool models and is available in four colors.

Note - when the watering system is mounted to your Ground Hog Arena Tool with full tanks of water , approximately 1000 lbs. is added to the total weight of the unit.

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