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Ice Maintenance

Paper Line Kit

ICE HOCKEY PAPER & CLOTH LINE KITS: Our lines and circles are machine cut, giving you perfectly straight lines. Our paper and cloth kits both contain thick, strong and bright coloured material. Rolls and circles also sold separately. Paper Line Kit: 4 Applications Cloth Line Kit: 2 Applications


“THE ORIGINAL CLOTH GOAL CREASES” Our cloth goal crease comes with the red line and hash mark in Standard, NHL or USA sizes. The creases come with instructions, making installation quick and easy. The goal creases may be used for multiple seasons, if handled carefully.


CURLING CLOTH LINE KITS: Our cloth curling line kit contains enough material for 2 curling sheets. Easy to use and looks great!


BACK PACK CIRCLE MARKER Easy to assemble - Single person operation; convenient applicator system allows the rink operators to install the 2” paper lines to the ice surface in just seconds with no creasing; just perfect professional looking circles. The Circle Marker comes complete with: a paper line or cloth dispenser; radius bar system - extendable to all hockey rink circle radiuses i.e. face-off, referee and goal crease circles;a 15.2 ltr/4 gallon back pack sprayer. Complete w/ instructions

Field Line Markings

FIELD LINE MARKING Powder & Liquid Field Line Marking Paint Also Available Click Here For More Information


TECH-ICE WHITE BASE PAINT Tech-Ice 1 (regular base) & Tech-Ice 2 (is the brightest white base paint): White base ice paint is brighter and has a greater coverage capacity at the best price on the market. This white base is the easiest way of painting your surfaces.

Tech-Ice Liquid Paint

TECH-ICE PAINT Liquid paint is a new formula in the industry which has been tested and driven to a new level of ice paint, which simplifies the application process. Tech-Ice paint will not bleed as easily as other major competitors’ products. We offer all the necessary colors for your projects.You will be swayed with your first brush stroke.


ICE LETTERING All Alphabetical letters, numbers and symbols are now available in vinyl mesh and are a minimum 24” in height. These will enable you to place your own identification or message into your ice products , using the same method as the paper or cloth lines. Neat, quick, reusable and always easy to install. VINYL MESH IN-ICE LOGOS  Great for advertising and team logos, these vinyl logos are easy to install and the logo may be used for multiple seasons.

Platt Hash Mark Template

Platt Hash Mark Template An Innovative Way To Create All Of Your Arena Lines With A Professional Touch Using One Template

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