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Tractor Mounts

Model 250

Product Information

The OLYMPIA 250 delivers excellent ice resurfacing for smaller rinks that rivals the quality associated with the larger ice-resurfacing system. Designed for and mounted on a Kioti CX2510 or comparable tractor, the OLYMPIA 250 allows a single person to scrape, clean and resurface the ice within minutes.

Operating the OLYMPIA 250 is a study in simplicity. The resurfacing controls are within easy reach of the operator. Once the 250 resurfacer is engaged it is a simple matter of driving around the ice surface. The ice is scraped and the galvanized steel flood pipes and towel bar provide for a smooth even ice surface.

Maintenance of the OLYMPIA 250 is simple and straight forward and can be handled easily by your staff.

For small training rinks to leisure operations, the OLYMPIA 250 is the ideal solution. The proven snow elevator-chain-paddle system moves the scrapings from the ice to the snow bin effortlessly. The wide rear-access doors on the OLYMPIA 250’s snow bin allows for ease of dumping.

The standard three-point hitch, combined with a hydraulic quick coupler hook up to hydraulic power system is safe and convenient to use, while freeing the tractor for other uses during the off season.

Flood Carts & Tractor Mounts

The Olympia 250 Features:

Can be used with a Kioti CX2510 or comparable Tractor

Tractor must have 1200 lb. lifting capacity with minimum of 23 hp.

Dimensions:  54"h x 58.5"w x 43"l

Weight (empty): 700lbs

Water Tank Capacity:  50 imp gallons

Snow Bin Capacity:  21 cubic feet

Ice Shaver Blade:  56" x 5" x 1/2"

Model 500

Product Information


Turn that outdoor rink into a championship ice surface with the easy-to-use, fast, efficient, tractor-mounted OLYMPIA 500 ice resurfacer from Resurfice Corp.

The OLYMPIA 500’s twin snow bins allow easy access for off-loading the snow following the resurfacing operation.


The Olympia 500 Features:

Requires a minimum 45hp tractor with 3 point hitch with lifting capacity of 2200lbs.

Dimensions: 68"h x 84"w x 43"l

Weight (empty):1200lbs

Water Tank Capacity: 70 imp. gallons

Snow Bin Capacity: 49 cubic feet

Ice Shaver Blade: 80" x 5" x 1/2"

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