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Custom Board Cleaning is available in three Western Provinces


  1. Bacteria can be spread by body fluids which is found on your arena dasher boards. This process of board cleaning helps control the spread of bacteria.

  2. A clean arena is more appealing to the staff, participants and the general public that enter your facility.

  3. Noticeably improves lighting & brightens up your arena.

  4. The total time of the board cleaning is approximately 3 hours.

  5. This can be done with the ice in or out (sand floors must be with ice in)

  6. Your arena board advertisers will thank you for maintaining a clean dasher board surface.

  7. Adds life to your board system.

Let us brighten up your arena and at the same time cut down on unsightly markings and bacteria.

To receive a quote or to be placed on our scheduling list                    or contact us directly at:

Contact Us


Big Hill Services Ltd.

Box 1167

Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1B2


Phone:  (403)932-3598

Fax: (403)932-3547





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