About Big Hill Services

Owned and operated Big Hill Trailer Sales which sold and serviced trailers and installed grain and gravel boxes.
Owned and operated the Wash Rack (car wash) in the Town of Cochrane.
Big Hill Towing is created,
Big Hill Towing is sold.
Big Hill Services became active in the “Hockey Industry”, servicing Olympia Ice Resurfacers in Southern Alberta (Red Deer South)
Big Hill Services is appointed “Service Representatives for Western Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
Big Hill Services started building hockey arena dasher board systems as well as doing renovations to all phases of the arena with the exception of refrigeration and the outer building.
Big Hill Services is appointed “Sales Representatives” for Olympia Ice Resurfacers in Southern Alberta.
Big Hill Services expanded into the “Arena Supply Industry” – Providing sales and supplies of plastic, flooring, ice paint, ice markings and other related items.
Big Hill Services is appointed as “Sales & Service Representatives” for all of Alberta and Saskatchewan in turn dropping sales and service in British Columbia.
Big Hill Services set up a sub-dealer in Saskatchewan with an office and shop located in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Big Hill Services is recognized by the “Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel” for providing exceptional service, product, promotion and customer satisfaction.
Big Hill Services is recognized as the second largest dealer for Olympia Ice Recurfacers world wide, second only to the manufacturing plant in Ontario. Big Hill Services has also reached the N.W.T., U.S. and New Zealand for sales of the Olympia Ice Resurfacer.
Big Hill Services expanded it’s dealership through the U.S. to North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.


Big Hill Services is recognized for it’s exceptional “Sales & Service” of New & Used Olympia Ice Resurfacers. (Millennium & Ice Bear)
Big Hill Services has Western Canada’s most complete line of arena products, including but not limited to:
* Plexiglass, Tempered Glass & Lexan * Goal Frames, protective pads & netting * Complete dasher board packages * Advertising display boards * Flooding hose * Rubber flooring & matting * Ice paint liquid & powder * Ice paint systems * Cloth goal creases & logos * Protective netting * Perma white base paper * Cloth lines & circles * Ice edgers & replacement blades * IceTec8 Precision measurement tool
Big Hill Services also provides Custom Arena Board Cleaning – Call and schedule your arena to have board cleaning done today.